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  • January 2003:- NEW VIDEO CLIP COMING SOON! Production has commenced on a new video clip for Genshen's JJJ radio hit "Nothing Quite Like This". The video is being produced by Cling Films and is due for release in Feb/ March!!! Keep a look out for it.

  • December 2002:- Genshen have been selected as the Brisbane opening support for the UK legend Neil Halstead (ex-slowdive, Mojave3). Genshen will perform in a stripped back format.

  • December 2002:- Stay tuned for all our east coast tour travel stories, gig stories and accomodation stories as well as some audio streams of live to air radio performances - to be posted soon... 

  • November 2002:- GENSHEN ON HIGH ROTATION on JJJ ! - yes, JJJ have added genshen's "Nothing Quite Like This" from the new EP 'Someplace Else' to high rotation.

  • November 2002:- GENSHEN ON TOUR! The "Someplace Else" Tour - Genshen headed off to Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne to promote their new EP playing with Gaslight Radio, The Cruel Sea, Kim Salmon, Genevieve Maynard (Stella One Eleven), Sneeze, The Beautiful Girls, and Oscarlima! The tour kicked off with a sell-out CD Launch at The Healer!

  • October 2002:- We have a brand new video clip being made as we speak... Liz Norman is creating another clip for the Genshen team. This time its for the song "Don't Beleive". Stay tuned... will hopefully be hitting the Rage airwaves in November! 

  • JJJ Super Request "Exposed" Artist - Genshen were interviewed on JJJ Super Request Show on June 14 - Big thanks to Rosie of the Request Show!

  • Genshen on RAGE:- Genshen's video clip for their debut single "Love is on the Radio" has been aired on Rage a confirmed three times - it looks great - the band just happened to be awake watching Rage to see it the first time!!  A big thanks to Liz Norman for adapting her unique animation to the song and for bringing the clip together in a short time frame!! Click here to view a sample of the video clip for our single (requires Windows Media Player).

  • Tsunami - The Tsunami Magazine have reviewed Genshen's recent gig at the Railway Hotel! ...its astounding! & well worth a visit - big thanks to the journos at Tsunami! (there is a light). The Mag also has a great feature article that's definitely worth a read. Or if you prefer hard copies, rather than things web-ish, just head along to Skinney's Records for your personal copy of Tsunami.  

  • Genshen go Surfing!:- Track 7 "Same Thing" on our Happy in the Shadows promotional CD has been used by RIP CURL Australia as a promotional song - go to the RIP CURL web site and click on Surf Trips and view the latest surf trip video grabs - click this link, and you'll go straight to the South American footage featuring Genshen as a soundtrack! Listen to "Same Thing" here.

  • Genshen on the J-waves:- Genshen received JJJ Radio airplay in March/ April for their debut single "Love is on the Radio" - thank you JJJ !

  • Genshen poll on radio charts!!:- Genshen's promotional CD "Happy in the Shadows" polled at #2 on the 4ZZZFM Top 5 for the month of March - thank you ZZZ !

  • Retail shops:- Genshen's debut single is now available through independent outlets in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne 

  • Genshen in the Press:- Genshen has been well received by Brisbane's music press, including the Courier Mail's Pulse, the Time-off, the Rave and Semper magazines - refer reviews below

  • More Videos:- Genshen will be releasing another music video soon- look out for it on Rage !  Its an indie bohemian themed clip by Cling Films for "Same Thing"