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Television Appearances
  Genshen on Pepsi Live
Genshen on Network Ten's national music tv program Pepsi Live
Genshen on Video Hits
Genshen on Network Ten's national music tv program Video Hits - as part of the Coca Cola Live & Local promotion

Radio Appearences

Genshen Perform Live To Air on TripleJ

Listen to genshen performing live on TripleJ...
.... wildlife live-to-air on JJJ radio (win media player)
.... sci-fi live-to-air on JJJ radio (win media player)


Genshen chat to TripleJ's Robbie Buck

Listen to Genshen discussing the recording of their popular EP 'someplace else' on TripleJ...

CDs & Videos
Triple J's '1st Harvest' compilation CD
A product of Robbie Buck and JJJ's Home&Hosed show. This CD features Genshen's 'nothing quite like this'. Many HUGE thanks to JJJ!!! Go and buy this CD - it is a great cross section of Aus Music in 2003!
Nothing Quite Like This
Produced by Genshen & Cling Films. Genshen's video clip for their hit song "Nothing Quite Like This" as seen on FlyTV, MTV, ChannelV and Rage. This clip was voted #1 Buzz clip on ABC's national saturday morning program FlyTV and polled at #7 on the Popsui Charts.
"Satellites" single
Released to community radio in November 2004.
Polled in 4ZZZ Top 10.
<1> Satellites
<2> Wildlife
<3> FA Challenge

  Genshen on Pepsi Live
Genshen on Network Ten's national music TV program Pepsi Live
EP "Someplace Else"...
Released 2003. Includes JJJ radio hits Nothing Quite Like This and Don't Believe

Distributed by LIttle Big Music through
MRA Entertainment.
<1> Nothing Quite Like This
<2> Don't Believe
<3> Save My Fortune

<4> Sundial 
<5> Springtime 
<6> NQLT (Dance Remix)
Don't Believe
Combined video and animation featuring a very special beetle flying around checking out action on the streets of Melbourne.

"Shoot Everyone"... single
This pogo pop gem will get you dancing in seconds. Released in 2004 this single includes two fabulous b-sides "Definition Alert" and "Bombshelter". Special thanks to FBI Radio in Sydney for fantastic support of this single.

<1> Shoot Everyone 
<2> Definition Alert
<3> Bombshelter  

Shoot Everyone
The clip features bouncing boots from the early 80's that belonged to keyboardist Gillian, having been originally purchased at Sydney's Royal Easter Show.

Debut Single   "Love is on the Radio"...

  Get this record.  It's splendid."  Semper Magazine

What more could we say? Very well received by community radio nationally. Polled in 4ZZZ Top 5 and was the CD that received our first national JJJ airplay with Love is on the Radio.

<1> Love is on the Radio 
<2> Find a Roost
<3> Thermodynamic
<4> Love is on the Radio (Radio Version)

Love is on the Radio
Colourful animated clip by Liz Norman.

"Happy in the Shadows"

This is GENSHEN's earliest demo, "Happy in the Shadows".  It includes 9 tracks, of which one was Love is on the Radio which later became the band's first single. On the basis of this demo, JJJ selected Genshen as an exposed artist of the week.

The cover picture was the concept of singer Quentin Brown, and with the aid of photographer Ashley Sadler, the concept came to life.

Tracks on the demo included:- Cathy's Alright, Floating, Same Thing, Leave Me Now, Chermside, Strange.


Same Thing
Produced by Genshen & Cling Films




RipCurl's 10X Surf Video

Genshen features on soundtrack to South American surfing footage.

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